COFUR Colonial furniture & design

COFUR the brand

COFUR Colonial furniture & design is a Danish brand with wholesale of exclusive wicker furniture and baskets. Further including is leather products and carpets with wintage look. All in the collection is inspired from colonial time, with timeless design, style and colors that complement the Nordic look with simplicity and neutral colors.

Stylistically in the collection there is furniture and products inspired from Karen Blixen’s farmhouse and the movie “Out of Africa” and also from the more classic "British Colonial" style.

We have taken the primary inspiration to the products from vintage furniture and items found on flea markets and from our discoveries in the East, and our own design and ideas.

COFUR the story

Since I was a child I have visited flea markets and shops with vintage furniture and other old items. I have always been fascinated in the”flash back”, that is hidden in old items. The story and the events the old furniture and items have lived through and the effect of the patina interests me. When I was young and stayed at my parents farm in the North Jutland I began during my teenage year to find old furniture’s and restored them and my first apartment, when I left home, was very personally decorated with a collection of wicker furniture’s combined with old furniture I have restored.

The transformation from vintage to new updated look has always been an exciting process and during many years I tried to make this as a way of living in an environment, where I can express the process and share the transformation with others who also find joy by the term that is hidden in conversion from old to new version.

I have stayed 2 years in Bangkok and during this stay I found a lot inspiration in natural rattan furniture’s, and I visited some hotels to study the lounge areas with wicker furnityres and especially the Orintel Hotel in Bangkok was an oasis for me during the stay.

My interest for design and interior has been my hobby during many years and besides that I have been working in a bank and real estate business, but now I finally have got the possibility to make the dream come true with Kim Henriksen, who is a fantastic mentor and driving force in the company qua his big experience with other innovative companys, which he has had great success with. Our combinated skills is a perfect match and our common energy, ideas and drive never stands still.
So officially I’m not educated as a designer and I don’t have any diplomat that prove my design background. I believe in my and Kim’s ideas and what we feel is right in the collection and we love to develop the products in COFUR.

Besides colonial time I’m also very inspired by the Victorian era, and I bring some of the wicker detail into the collection from that time and add a little freshness in the wicker collection with colors. Besides nature colors the collection contains products in grey, black, white and a few items in blue and red. We make series based on the colors so there is a link between the products and the colors. All the colors subdues, which feels right in relation to my nature. Besides that the colors a based on water so there is no toxins in our products, which means that the baskets are food safe and suitable for herbs e.g.

Another fantastic issues regard the colonial time and life in the tropics is to study how the safaris was organized with wickerbaskets and trunks, mobile champagne collers, wine- and tea bars in leather and in general foldable furnitures that easily could be moved from lunch break to afternoon break e.g. What a sight where everything was ready on the savannah for dinner and a drink ……

The wicker products are handmade in Indonesia and some of the production in made in a factory on Java island. A big part of the production is however provided by local weavers in small villages, since some of the weavers prefer to work in their home so they can work while they join their family and saves transport time to the factory. Besides the transport to the factory can be difficult and sometimes dangerous because of the weather conditions especially in the rainy season. These weavers are paid per pcs they produce, so they have the freedom to decide how much they want to work every day. We have visited the local weavers on Java and here are some photos from their “home office J”

COFUR’s collection is available with dealers and webshops in many countrys and the collection are regulary presented on recognized fairs in Europe.

Gitte Henriksen
Sales- and design manager


Picnic på savannen

Transportal wine cooler